Our values

Values and commitments

The property industry, a regulated profession, requires specialised skills. Cabinet de Charry makes it a rule to offer a very high quality services and makes the following commitments:


Discretion and confidentiality – passion and rigour – openness and clarity


The services and assistance that we propose are based on trust, discretion and openness: requirements that we consider to be absolutely necessary in order to maintain the close working relationship which we hope to establish with our interlocutors and owners.


Each property is a unique piece of the French patrimony which has been Jean-Philippe de Charry’s passion for more than twenty years. Each home has its own place in that history, and Le Cabinet de Charry endeavours to emphasise, via their marketing strategy, the distinctive features and the richness of a building, the specificities of a remarkable architectural design, or the prestige of an outstanding setting.


Jean-Philippe de Charry also takes particular care to ensure that each file for which he is responsible is fully complete with the information necessary to validate the administrative and legal processes.


This is the spirit in which Jean-Philippe de Charry advises and assists you, whether it is to value an inherited property, or to help you to sell or purchase real estate.