Real estate appraisal
or "Real estate market value"


Cabinet de Charry offers a property market value opinion to any client who owns a property and who is considering a transaction (purchase, sale, rental, financing, etc.) in the near future. The market value opinion enables the value of the property to be situated in the real dynamics of the market.

A real estate market value opinion, or real estate appraisal, consists of establishing a value of the property, within a more or less wide range of appreciation, in relation to supply and demand in a specific geographical area at a given time.
While more and more real estate agencies or real estate portals offer remote estimates, the conclusions of which are most often generated by robots analysing only data, Cabinet de Charry undertakes to analyse the property in person and to provide a real estate market value in the form of a qualified and in-depth study.

Thus, the market value realised by Cabinet de Charry is detailed and accurate. It includes the geographical location, the description of the property, which we will have systematically visited and which we will have been able to appreciate:

- the technical quality of the property

- that of the environment,

- the legal and financial condition of occupation of the premises, of the occupants (owners/tenants),

- the study of the market and terms of comparison,

All these parameters allow conclusions to be drawn that define an assessment in the form of "low value", "recommended value" and "high value". Once this market value has been defined, you, the owner, can then choose your contact person and the terms and conditions of sale of your property (time to market, exclusive or simple mandate).

Because we believe that the analysis of the value of your property must be up to your requirements, we must be factual and transparent in our conclusions. Our conclusions are worded with seriousness and pragmatism: it is not a question of "flattering" the client, it is a question of offering our professionalism as a partner in your sales project. The aim of Cabinet de Charry is to contribute to your sales project and to bring it to a successful conclusion with lucidity and serenity to satisfay you.

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