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Particular expertise in exceptional and prestigious real estate

Jean-Philippe de Charry,
specialist in rare and prestigious real estate

Le Cabinet de Charry is a specialised dealer of properties in Brittany, the Western region of France, as well as Paris and the whole of France. Jean-Philippe de Charry has acquired, through time and through his encounters, a wealth of experience specifically tailored to assisting demanding clients, both estate owners and buyers of fine properties. Today Cabinet de Charry is being completed by a team of real estate agents.


A personalised, tailor-made approach

Whether you are an individual, a company, institution, association or foundation; whatever the nature and context of your property; Jean-Philippe de Charry will come out to meet you, view your property and examine your request, and propose a full range of services tailored to your specific needs.

While Le Cabinet de Charry’s core activity is property dealing and management : apartments, family homes, holiday homes, country houses, landed estates, châteaux, and monasteries, it is common that Jean-Philippe de Charry also assists his clients with the tasks inherent to the transfer and/or transformation of their property.

Far-reaching and well targeted publicity

To promote your property Le Cabinet de Charry use nationally and internationally recognised marketing strategies for their specialised publicity. Each phase of the marketing plan is put in place after consultation with our clients and with their agreement.

Privileged support

Jean-Philippe de Charry offers his clients a whole range of skills relevant to the legal and technical aspects of purchasing or selling property, acquired through his personal network of solicitors, lawyers, councillors and referents from diverse institutions. The access to this additional expert advice will enable confident and clear decision-making.

Our services include the administrative process: requests for division, planning permission, etc., the administration required for surveys and refurbishments which are essential for a sale, and, wherever possible, all other services which will make things easier for our client. Consistent with our values, we continue to assist purchasers and sellers right up to the deal’s completion.


Fee schedule of Cabinet de Charry


From 100 00 €: 6,6% of the selling price
Up to € 100,000: 10% of the selling price

Capital de 7 500 Euros

RCS 444 610 125 Caisse de garantie F.N.A.I.M

Carte professionnelle n° CPI 5605 2016 000 009 604 délivrée par la Préfecture du MORBIHAN