What is a real estate sale in life?

4 September 2019

A contract that allows one to inherit oneself :  A real estate sale in life is a contract that allows the owner to receive a rent for a property he sells and in which he continues to live.

The sale in life (from the old French "viage" meaning "old life time") is defined by Article 1964 of the Civil Code, so it is a random contract in the legal sense of the term. The rent and the "bouquet" concretizes a way of inheriting oneself.

As part of such a sale, the debenture seller (the buyer) pays a life annuity and a bouquet to the annuitant (the seller) for the duration of his life. The life annuity allows, when one is owner of a real estate, to sell his good while continuing to live in it, it is a way of inheriting oneself.

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