(re)confined but active for you!

30 October 2020

Following the Head of State's announcements concerning a new nationwide containment, Charry's Cabinet maintains its services in operation. Real estate agencies are at work. Appointments already made will be ensured so that future owners or tenants can take possession of their property. As in the first confinement, the real estate companies will be mobilised to ensure the continuity of the housing chain, which is essential for the French. 

Enabling customers to complete their housing acquisition and changeover projects. In this way, visits to accommodation must be considered as a derogatory reason for travel. It is also necessary that the Senate amendment renewing the authorisation for notaries to draw up an authentic deed in electronic form be confirmed. This is what the Fédération Nationale de l'Immobilier undertakes to defend to the Ministry. Representatives of the real estate profession are currently in discussions with the Government to facilitate this continuity of services and preserve the mobility of French people.